Real Good Food

Real Good Food

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What is Real Good Food?

The closest most of us come to eating wholefoods is through a diet of white, refined rice, bread and other nutritionally empt foods that fail to give us the essential nutrients found naturally in wholefood. Wholefood's advocates claim that up to 90% of nutrients, such as B vitamins, calcium, protein and vitamin E, are removed from the grain in its refinement. Real Good Food is a brand dedicated to protecting these nutrients.

Eleven years on,we are producing the best range of certified organic & wholefood products in Australia. Our range includes: wholegrain cereals, porridges, seed mixes, snack packs, flourless cake mixes, and baby cereals - putting the business at the forefront of the food movement in Australia. We remain committed to the philosophy or working with organic wholefoods - of using ingredients that contain essential nutrients and flavour.

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