Inca Fe

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IncaFe started in 2007 and still remains a family business owned by Carmen Castro and Joop Verbeek.  Their passion for coffee, organics and sustainability has combined to create one of New Zealand's most successful coffee roasteries with distribution throughout the Asia Pacific region.
Founded on the belief that organically grown product produces a superior tast, these coffees are all certified organic, Fairtrade and shade-grown at high altitudes.

Why we love IncaFe
IncaFe ingredients are ethically sourced and holds the following certifications: FairTrade; BioGro Organic;and IFOAM, plus their roastery is CarboNZero certified. We also love that they are committed to the development of their coffee's winning multiple awards within the industry!

You must try
The Marin Estate, winner of 2 gold medal in the 2012 NZ Coffee Awards.  This high-altitude Peruvian coffee is smooth and chocolaty with cocoa and almond flavours, followed by a lively hint of citrus and roast almond.