At Kadac, our search for fresh, innovative brands takes us all over the globe


Kadac has a proud history of working closely with our business partners, offering varying levels of assistance for brands requiring development and distribution


Kadac's delivery network spans across Australia, New Zealand and parts of South East Asia



We are a privately owned Australian company established in 1973 in Melbourne.

Kadac has developed our own branded portfolio grounded in the principles of health, nutrition and wellbeing.

We distribute an extensive branded portfolio of more than 2000 local and imported products. Specialising in organic, natural and health products across Australia, New Zealand and parts of South East Asia

We are a scalable business that allows for our future plans, growth and objectives. Employing 80+ people across sales, marketing, production, logistics, finance, merchandising and service functions.

Our Mission – why we do what we do

To discover, develop and deliver products that are good for you.

Our Vision – where we want to be

We make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of our consumers with trusted innovative brands, products and services.

Our Purpose – what we are

The authentic provider of organic, natural and health products in Australia.

Guiding Principles – how we do it

1. We conduct our business ethically, respectfully and fairly.
2. We attract, develop and retain great people who are equally passionate about our organisation and our purpose.
3. We hold ourselves accountable and deliver on expectations.
4. We will be the preferred provider to our customers.
5. We will be commercially viable for the benefit of all our stakeholders






Our Credentials

  • CODEX HACCP accredited
  • Comprehensive allergen testing regime process in place
  • Periodic validation and verification testing using NATA laboratories
  • Mandatory BPA analysis conducted every six months on our suppliers
  • Overseas suppliers test for gluten to FSANZ standards (down to 3ppm)
  • Members of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC)