Bio Moments

Founded in 1914, this Spanish family-company combines innovative modern technologies with over a century of tradition to produce organic confectionery. More than 98% of the ingredients....
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Eatrite is a part of Natural Remedies Group, an Australian family owned business and the Director, Glen Gillard is a Health Practitioner with more than twenty five yea....
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Enjoy Life

At Enjoy Life, the whole business is focused on providing foods that are not only safe, but taste great too. Produced and packaged in Illinois, USA, all More info

Go Natural

The Go Natural philosophy is about providing the opportunity for everyone to enjoy REAL food (whole food) products, with REAL food value, and that tastes great for eve....
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Green & Black's

Green & Black's produce premium organic chocolate. Dedicated to making each product the best of its kind, they take time and care to achieve the distinct and d....
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Kadac Bulk

At Kadac we have developed a range of bulk products ideal for the food service industry or stores with installed dispensers.


The Kadac ....
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Leda Nutrition

Leda Nutrition started producing gluten and dairy free health food bars in 1996, to cater for the increasing dietary and allergenic requirements in people diets. ....
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Truth in labelling and ethical and sustainable sourcing are, and always have been, part of the Lotus philosophy. Packed in Melbourne in allergen friendly prod....
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Nature First

NatureFirst believes in making what you eat count. They know that responsible and reliable whole foods should be accessible for all to enjoy. Most importantly, More info

Nature First Hopper Refills

NatureFirst Weigh Ups includes the reliable wholefoods of NatureFirst, in larger packaging.

The range of raw ingredients is a convenien....
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Pacari is committed to the development of raw, organic chocolate made in entirely in Ecuador. Dedicated to giving you an unforgettable chocolate experience, they ....
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Real Good Food

Real Good Food is built on the philosophy of returning organic wholefoods to our everyday diet in enticing and accessible ways.


At Re....
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VerMints was founded in Braintree, Massachusetts in 2000, with the aim to create the highest quality, best tasting all natural mints and pastilles on the market. VerMints hopes to offer....
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