Established in 1973 in Melbourne, Australia, Kadac started as a small business grounded in the principles of health, nutrition and wellbeing. While the business has grown; our beliefs remain unchanged. Kadac is the authentic provider of organic, natural and health products to the Australian wholesale and retail market.

What We Do

Kadac distributes around 3,000 local and imported organic, natural and health products across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. 
We are experts in:
  • local and imported brand management
  • new product development
  • manufacturing and production
  • wholesaling and distribution
  • category management
  • bulk ingredients


Why We Do It

We care. Our team of experts work to discoverdevelop and deliver products that are good for you, good for our communities and better for our environment. We provide the best products in the global market.

We are innovative.  Our team is driven by discovering new and rediscovering ancient products and methods to deliver organic, natural and health products to our customers.

We are authentic.  Every decision we make is made ethically in terms of product choice, respectfully in terms of our planet, and fairly with all of our supply chain partners.

We understand.  By working together; we can do great things. 



Our Credentials

  • CODEX HACCP accredited
  • Comprehensive allergen testing regime process in place
  • Periodic validation and verification testing using NATA laboratories
  • Mandatory BPA analysis conducted every six months on our suppliers
  • Overseas suppliers test for gluten to FSANZ standards (down to 3ppm)
  • Members of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC)