The Kadac Key to Good Health™ was designed to reinforce our philosophy of authenticity through transparency in labelling. It is a tool designed to highlight potential sensitivities, allergens or dietary concerns to retail partners and consumers. It educates and assists the consumer to navigate through the growing number of claims on packaging and make confident decisions. Customers can feel self-assured knowing that our products are thoroughly assessed.

Kadac is a leader in driving the 'truth in labelling' agenda. All new lines are critiqued and claims tested before products are accepted into our range. Certification is required for all claims on products including organic, gluten-free and 'free-from'.

certified organic Organic   gluten free Gluten free
Non GMO Non GMO   Fructose free Fructose free
Dairy free Dairy free   vegan Vegan
Nut free Nut free   Lactose free Lactose free
Soy free Soy free   Wheat free Wheat free
Source of protein Source of protein   Source of fibre Source of fibre
BPA free BPA free   raw Raw

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