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Tartex produces and sells vegetarian brand products of a consistently high quality for the specialised trade. Tartex are market leaders and are the vegetarian, healthy alternative for conscious enjoyment. 
For over 60 years now, the Tartex Brand has been synonymous with a natural, delicious vegetable spread of the highest quality. The brand has been market leader for spicy spreads in health food shops for decades and has an outstanding reputation in both the trade itself and with consumers.
Tartex Spreads are manufactured and packed using selected raw ingredients and a great deal of care in the company's own factory in Freiburg, Germany.

Why we love Tartex
Tartex continues to develop their products in order to keep pace with important current trends. They are now producing tofu spreads, sunflower seed spreads and fat-reduced spreads to suit a wider variety of dietary needs.

You must try
The Organic Vegetarian Pate in a tube. This healthy spread is delicious on crackers, toast or in sandwiches. So easy to use, just squeeze and spread.