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Stoney Creek Oil Products Pty Ltd is an Australian family company producing pure, fresh, premium quality boutique oil seed products and is recognised as a market leader in the industry.
The small batch, cold-pressing methodology ensures that you receive the freshest oil possible – unrefined, without any chemical additives or preservatives.
Stoney Creek guarantee their Premium Quality Cold Pressed Oils and Meals are not only fresh, pure and natural, but also 100% Australian Made.

Why we love Stoney Creek
Stoney Creek is adopting a much stronger stance on conservation and sustainable farming methods by applying extra effort to combat the effects of climate change, implementing practices that can repair the environment whilst enhancing organic crop production.

You must try
The Organic Brown Flaxseed Oil. A nutty tasting nutritional oil, rich in Omega 3 and produced from the popular Organic Brown Flaxseed. It assists in healthy function of blood cells - including cardiovascular, skin and inflammatory conditions.