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Leda Nutrition started producing gluten and dairy free health food bars in 1996, to cater for the increasing dietary and allergenic requirements in people diets. Equally important to them was the growing number of health conscious consumers seeking healthier snacking alternatives. Leda nutrition currently produces over 18 gluten free products which are sold throughout Australia and New Zealand, through major Supermarkets & Independents and Health Food stores. Leda's focus remains commitment to product innovation and development.

Why we love Leda
Leda is dedicated to gluten and dairy free products, awarded the inaugural winner of the "Queensland Supermarket Product of the Year" by the Queensland Grocery Industry Association and State Development - for the most innovative and successful food range in 2000. Leda won a second award in October 2005 when they were honoured with the "Mayors Innovation Award" in Queensland for products collectively.

You must try
The Minton biscuits. A decadent biscuit made with mint cream and antioxidant-rich dark chocolate.  It's an ideal indulgence for those with intolerances to gluten, eggs or fructose.