Vivid Inner

Matcha, the world's most powerful green tea is now available in a refreshing, ready-to-drink, single-serve tetra pack!

New to Australia, Vivid offers a selection of pure and naturally flavoured matcha iced teas. A powerhouse used by monks in Japan for centuries to improve concentration and wellbeing, matcha green tea helps to increase metabolism, provides a boost of antioxidants and with a subtle dose of caffeine and l-theanine, prolongs a relaxed state of alertness - a natural pick-me up without the highs and lows of artificial caffeinated drinks and sugary iced teas.

Available in 4 iced tea varieties: Lime, Ginger & Honey, Grape & Elderflower, Pear & Rhubarb and Unsweetened.

Flavoured and sweetened with natural fruit juices, not from concentrate and no refined sugars. Made in UK. Shelf stable and best served chilled.


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