NF Manuka Inner

NatureFirst Manuka honey range is certified to contain the active ingredient, methylglyoxal or MGO, the ingredient responsible for Manuka honey's distinctive properties. Manuka honey is well known for its antibacterial qualities and has been used for centuries. Each batch of Manuka honey is independently tested by the University of the Sunshine Coast to ensure the MGO active ingredients are present. Manuka honey is produced from the nectar of the Manuka tree, a flowering plant native to Australia & New Zealand.

Available in MGO Active™ 30+, 100+ and 250+ in both 250g and 500g resealable jars. The higher the strength, the greater the benefit offered from the MGO properies. Non GMO and gluten free, it can be used as a spread, eaten straight from the spoon or may be applied topically.

NatureFirst Manuka Honey MGO Active™ ratings are based on a research study led by Associate Professor Merilyn Manley-Harris at The University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. This research is the most commonly used method for testing MGO ratings and is industry standard, as stated by Dr. Peter Brooks at the University of Sunshine Coast.
• Product of Australia
• Independently tested by the University of Sunshine Coast
• 3 MGO strengths available: 30+, 100+ and 250+
• Gluten free
• BPA free