By Erin Jolley

Tired of spending hours in the gym and barely breaking a sweat? Gone are the days of pushing yourself at the gym, only to find it leads to injury, boredom or lack of motivation. In today’s society, we see people now more than ever, devoted to high intensity workouts. Companies such as F45 are making an impact with their high intensity, “loud” and team-oriented workouts. Why would you work out in the gym on your own, when you can join a team?

Fitness trends in 2017 see people hanging from the ceiling in yoga poses, boxing like a pro or spending a weekend away at a wellness retreat. The question is, what type of fitness style suits you?

Get fit fast

There are many professional boxing gyms in Australia, with a focus on strength, power and cardiovascular fitness. You could be channelling your inner “Rocky” boxing in the ring, changing from one activity to the next in circuit training or skipping rope until your arms and legs are screaming to stop. Boxing is an excellent way to relieve stress, build muscle definition, tone and improve your fitness level in a short period of time. Why not try a boxing gym near you or attend boxing classes at your local gym each week to mix up your workout.

Strength & alignment

Many yoga and Pilates studios are being revamped and designed by architects to create a unique space and experience for clients. There are a handful of yoga studios in Australia who are getting creative by incorporating elements of elevation into the mix – it’s called aerial yoga. Aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga is a new type of yoga combining traditional yoga poses, Pilates and dance with the use of a hammock.

Mind, body & spirit

For those of you who enjoy or need to take some time away from your busy schedules, a wellness retreat could be just what you need to kick-start your body and mind into good health. A wellness retreat is the perfect way to wind down and relax; think sunrise yoga with an astonishing view, all-inclusive organic meals, spa treatments or massage and nature walks.

The adventurer

Perhaps a boot camp-style retreat would suit you better. Trekking up mountains, high-intensity interval training in beautiful landscapes and burning calories just in time for Summer. Indeed these retreats can be pricey, however, they may be more beneficial than a trip to Bali, spending a week drinking calorie-rich cocktails in the sun.

Whatever fitness level you’re at, budget or mood, why not mix it up and try the whole lot. Perhaps an aerial yoga class in the morning, one-on-one boxing session in the ring after work and a weekend away at a health retreat. Try one or all of these exciting, booming new fitness trends for 2017 and notice the difference. Your body will thank you for it and I’m certain you will have a lot of fun.

About Erin:

Erin Jolley is a qualified Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher who is currently undertaking further studies in Naturopathy. Erin is a strong believer that health is not ‘one size fits all’ and believes everyone’s diet and lifestyle should be tailored to their personal needs.

Being a lover for all things natural and health, Erin is in the midst of building a Wellness Retreat in the Victorian Alpine region in Bright with her partner (Alpine Wellness Retreat in Mt Buffalo Victoria). The retreat will include; daily yoga and workouts, mountain bike rides, mountain hikes, massages, swimming in waterfalls, nutritious food and individualised nutrition and exercise plans to continue your journey after the retreat.