In addition to our Raw Cacao Powder, Lotus is launching Cacao Nibs, Cacao Beans and Drinking Chocolate to complete the range. Cacao is regarded as a superfood, and differs from cocoa other than the obvious spelling. Learn more below!

  • Derived from the Cacao Pods, Lotus cacao beans, nibs and drinking chocolate is sourced from the Criollo variety of cacao.
  • An excellent dietary source of magnesium- an important mineral for the healthy functioning of the heart and brain. 
  • Contains the four scientifically proven bliss chemicals that helps elevate your mood and alleviate depression- serotonin, dopamine, anandamide and phenylethyamine.
  • Contains 160mg of calcium per 100g versus only 125mg per 100mL of milk.


Lotus Organic Cacao Beans are great for snacking. It is recommended you have 10-15 a day to feel energised and happy!

Lotus Organic Cacao Drinking Chocolate s a rich blend of organic raw, cacao, cocoa, Lucama, coconut sugar and spices. Mix with your choice of milk to create a delicious hot or ice chocolate beverage.

Lotus Organic Cacao Nibs are crunchy in texture making them perfect for trail mix, on top of desserts, breakfast cereals or on top of your smoothie.


Available now – ensure to include the Lotus Cacao range in your next order.