The Global Organics range is designed to bring only the purest, richest flavours from around the globe to Australian kitchens at an affordable price. Each of the Global Organics lines are hand selected based on their organic principles, flavour and affordability. 

New to the Global Organics Range

Shredded Coconut 250g


- Sourced from Sri Lanka
- Made by threading dried coconut meat
- Use in muesli, baking, raw recipes, trail mixes and in smoothies
- Packed in resealable, oxygen barrier bag


Coconut Flour 500g


- Sourced from Sri Lanka 
- Produced from dried, defatted coconut meat
- Wheat and gluten free flour ideal for baking
- Contains large amounts of dietary fibre, protein and is fructose free
- Packed in resealable, oxygen barrier bag


Coconut Sugar 500g


- Sourced from Indonesia
- Produced from the sap from the flower of the coconut plant
- Healthier alternative to refined sugar
- Use in baking and cooking recipes to add a rich caramel flavour
- Packed in resealable, oxygen barrier bag


Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 300g


- Raw cold pressed coconut oil, sourced from Sri Lanka
- Hair & skin – one of the best natural nutrients for your hair as it helps in healthy growth of hair and gives your hair a shiny quality.
- Cooking – as coconut oil has a high boiling temperature, it is ideal for baking and cooking as it will not turn into a transfat unlike other cooking oils.
- Raw food – as coconut oil solidifies under around 25⁰C, it is an ideal solidifier when making raw food recipes such as raw balls and cakes.

 Coconut KTGH

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