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Quinoa Grain (White, Red and Black): Lotus Organic Quinoa is the largest, most nutritious quinoa seed and has one of the highest protein contents of any seed. Sourced from Bolivia, it is grown 3,900 above sea level, resulting in the end product being a larger, fluffier seed with a nuttier taste. Use in a salad, stir fry or as a substitute for rice or couscous.

Quinoa Flakes: Gluten free quinoa flakes can be substituted for rolled oats, bread crumbs or other grains in cooking and baking. Try using them to replace oats in your porridge or use them in a baking recipe. Quinoa flakes can even be used to create your own power bars.

Quinoa Flour: Lotus Quinoa Flour is made by milling the pre-washed grain to a fine flour. It can be used as a nutritious, high protein flour in baking or added to bread. Quinoa flour is one of the most popular flours to be used to create a wide range of gluten free products when combined with other gluten free flours. 

Puffed Quinoa: Provides all the goodness of the whole grain in a form that requires no preparation. The lightness of the puffed quinoa makes it easier to digest. Use in protein balls, baking cereals and trail mixes.

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