NatureFirst believes in making what you eat count. They know that responsible and reliable whole foods should be accessible for all to enjoy. Most importantly, NatureFirst believe that great tasting food should be served with nutritional value and without the guilt. Put yourself, your family and the planet first with NatureFirst.

NatureFirst is in the process of updating its packaging. Over the coming months you will see the brand roll out new and improved stand up doy pouches with a higher oxygen barrier to maintain the freshness of each product. NatureFirst will still offer its hang sell option, as well as certified organic and allergen call outs on every pack.

The new NatureFirst packaging is rolling out gradually, so there will be a time when old and new packaging appears in store. We will endeavour to get all new packaging in store as fast as we can and ask for your understanding during the transitional period. Approximately 50% of NatureFirst products have already transitioned to the new doy pouches.

We know that you will appreciate the new NatureFirst packaging and look forward to you and your customers' feedback.

If you have any further questions, contact Kadac Customer Service on 1300 762 025.